Friday, May 01, 2009

Quacks Wanted

We're not sure why we bother staying on various batshit-crazy mailing lists, except for the occasional bit of comedy like Americans for Legal Immigration's all points bulletin searching for an MD willing to disregard all scientific evidence and parrot the position that "securing the borders" will stop swine flu

We need to hear from any Medical Doctors in our network that are willing to go on TV today to simply state that adequately securing our borders at this time could help to slow the progression of the Mexican [sic] Swine Flu. If you are an MD, please contact William Gheen of ALIPAC asap via

Plastic surgeons are, of course, MDs, but we're not sure we'd turn to one in a flu pandemic. What Gheen really needs is an epidemiologist, but he can't possibly ask for one since there's not a non-insane epidemiologist out there who thinks you can stop a flu virus after is already crossed a border. Maybe he could call Sanjay Gupta - the guy's literally a brain surgeon!

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Anonymous said...

What is being called una epidemia de influenza sjould be referred to as an epidemia de periodismo. Talk about stirring up the pot.....