Friday, May 29, 2009

Spillover (Continued)

As if you needed yet another reason to stay the Christ out of Houston, well, here ya go:

Mexico cartels go bargain gun shopping in Houston

Mexican drug gangs looking for weapons powerful enough to stop a vehicle, penetrate a bullet-resistant vest or confront an army detachment need look no further than the Houston area's 1,500 gun shops, where merchandise is priced to move.

Guns bought in Houston through 'straw purchases' have been traced to dozens of murders in Mexico. One or two are purchased at a time, making them harder to track because of the sheer number of seemingly legitimate buyers who only buy a few guns from any given store.

One case that was tracked involved an individual named John Phillip Hernandez, who on July 12, 2006, walked into the Academy firearms dealer in Houston and bought a Beretta rifle and two Bushmaster rifles, according to case documents.

Seven months later, one of the guns was used in an attack on government offices in Acapulco, Mexico, in which four police officers and three secretaries were killed.

Due to a recently-enacted law requiring all articles about violence in Mexico to use some variation of the word "spillover," even when the whole crux of the piece is that American guns are flowing south and killing Mexicans, the reporter goes on to mention:

The Mexico border violence is starting to spill into the United States. In Tucson, Arizona, a two hour's drive from the border, residents have seen a rash of home break-ins and assaults from gangs linked to the lucrative drug trade.

Don't blame the poor writer. The law is the law.

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Jorge Arturo said...

Is it really that easy to buy that kind of guns in the USA??