Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Are you looking to brush up on your Spanish, but don't want to study in Mexico because you're afraid you'll be kidnapped by a drug gang and stuffed in the trunk of a car with another hostage suffering from swine flu, and that the car will get rear-ended by a crazy Mexican truck driver hopped up on amphetamines? Also, you don't like spicy food? All perfectly reasonable fears, of course, but still no excuse! Go check out Spanish Skype, from our friends at Querétaro Language School, and see what we mean.


Todd said...

My family is amazed that hasn't happened to me yet!

I was talking with a lady online that was planning a trip to Patzcuaro. Her friends talked her out of it, because she would be killed. To them, it seemed a forgon conclusion.

She lived in Chicago. Oddly enough I had just read a news story about that time. The story was headlined "Chicago Once Again The "Murder Capital""

Too funny!


Anonymous said...

The website says:"Many people consider the Spanish spoken in Mexico as the clearest of the Spanish accents,"
Really? I don't think so...Mexico is where I learned Spanish from traveling and talking, but in my experience, compared to Costa Rica, Argentina,Peru, it is more rapid, idiomatic than other Spanish speaking countries.
And of course, I will be traveling back to Mexico ASAP.

Burro Hall said...

I think by "clearest" accent they mean "doesn't sound like they're talking with their mouths full." Fast and idiomatic, most definitely. But clear as the desert sky.