Saturday, June 06, 2009

Because All Slightly Slanty-Eyed Non-White People Really Do Look Alike

We have no idea what to make of the cover the latest National Review (the house organ for the 18 percent of Americans who answer "strongly approve" when polled about Dick Cheney), so we've decided to go with out default position, which as you probably realize would be ridicule.

We definitely agree with National Review that a female Tibetan Buddhist monk would make a very bad associate justice of the Supreme Court - though they're probably more concerned about Buddhist attitudes towards material possessions vis-a-vis Kelo, whereas we're worried about the effect on church/state separation and, of course, Roe. It's kind of moot, though, since Obama actually nominated a Catholic Latina chick from the Bronx, so we're unclear on why NR would over-slant her eyes, lighten up her skin (sort of a reverse-O.J.) and set her under a tree in the Himalayas surrounded by lotus blossoms, though if we similarly slant up our own eyes and fall into a trance-like state, we can sort of see Frida Kahlo. Sorta.

Which brings us to our other what the fuck Sotomayor illustration for the week, from The Oklahoman:

We get it, we get it - the Rethuglicans are going to take turns whacking the uppity chola like a piñata! But can we just state the obvious here? That, piñata and sombrero aside, Puerto Ricans are not Mexicans? In fact - apropos of convicted felon G. Gordon Liddy's remark equating all Spanish-speakers with illegal aliens - Puerto Ricans aren't even immigrants...they're Americans. This might explain why the Sotomayor nomination is a non-story here (something we admit kind of surprised us). As far as we're aware, the only Mexican-American under serious consideration for a Supreme Court seat in recent years has been this guy - in which case we'd totally take our chances with the Tibetan monk.

Update: National Review offers a thoughtful and nuanced rebuttal here.

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Anonymous said...

actually i liked the illustration with piñata. It deosnt really matters if its not mexican... But the metaphor is perfect.
are we going to survive the election madness. Just today I drove through one square and pan was blasting music on loud speakers with the flags... Nothing special, but the music was CLUB MUSIC, which is prohibited to play in pan-catholic radio air space. So how come they decided to do it in the day light in public...