Monday, June 29, 2009

Burro Hall Car Seat Giveway Madness!!

The last time we brought up the issue of child car seats, we have to say we were somewhat taken aback by the strength of the anti-car seat sentiment out there. Arguments ran the gamut from child car seats are expensive, to raising children to adulthood is a lot more expensive than hosing them out of the wreckage at an early age, which, we must confess, we're still unable to counter. It would be wrong to say that these arguments put a price tag on a child's life, but they do at least give us a range - the bottom end of which would seem to be about 200 US dollars.

Still, because the internets were sort of tailor-made for lonely cranks, we're going to continue our no-time-limit offer to buy child car seats for anyone whose photograph gets printed here, and who contacts us with a letter of apology for endangering the life of their child.

If this week's winner, for lack of a better word, seems a little big for a car seat, that's an optical illusion, because Dad is driving a Mini Cooper (owned by BMW, starting price US$23,900). Our little man is not completely unprotected, as you can see from the state-of-the-art glass and plastic angel hanging from the rearview, but we still believe that a seat belt would not be too much to ask. We're sympathetic to the argument that the Mini Cooper is such an insanely bad choice for driving in Mexico - why not just put your family on roller skates? - that a child seat is sort of superfluous, but if you're shelling out for top-of the line Bavarian engineering (hey, is that a fully-retractable sunroof?) we strongly believe you can afford a car seat from Wal-Mart. Burro Hall operators are standing by.


Someone said...

At least while daddy pulls his beloved child out of the enviro-friendly small car's wreckage, he can know that he was doing his part to make Al Gore proud. Incidentally, did the mini Cooper sport a "Jesus is my co-pilot" sticker per chance?

Burro Hall said...

30 mpg highway is certainly respectable, but nothing to get too excited. Certainly, with his own son having been killed by a car, it would take at least 50mpg city to make Al Gore happy about it, don't you think?

As for Jesus being the co-pilot, every fifth guy here is named Jesus. Hell, my dog is named Jesus. Chances are, Jesus really is his co-pilot.

Someone said...

I think as long as impact with a tricycle would cause fatal injury, the car is sufficiently green for Gore. 50 mpg would be icing; ultimately, though, I think his goal is to make people look as stupid as possible as they drive.

I hear you on Jesus, aka Hay-Zeus. In light of the popularity of the name, and particularly because your dog has watered down the meaning for Christians everywhere (or elevated it for some), you might want to consider an "Allah is my co-pilot" sticker for good measure.

Burro Hall said...

I dunno. I think Gore disapproves of people driving Hummers, and, really, if there's a car that makes you look stupider than that one does, I haven't seen it.