Monday, June 22, 2009

Burro Hall - Now Available on Computers!

In part to foster a sense of community here, and in part because, having been "amigo'd" in recent days by my mother; teenage goddaughter; a former boss; and one of America's more virulent anti-immigrant crusaders; we figure we might as well just throw the doors wide open, Burro Hall readers are welcome to come friend us on Facebook. You can still comment here anonymously, of course. And we promise never to start using Twitter. All we ask in exchange is that you never inform us of the results of the quiz you just took. Fair?


chip said...

Wow! A personalized FB page URL!!!

That's awesome!!!!

It makes it so much easier for me to get to your FB page!

Now, when I hover over the FB link, write down the URL on a pad of paper, then move the cursor to the address field of Safari, then read what I wrote on the pad, and carefully transcribe it into the field, and then hit enter, it's so much easier. Because it's your name and not a string of numbers.


Burro Hall said...

"" was already taken.

This is the same Chip who needed help getting links to open in another window, yes?