Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Family That Hangs Together

A couple of days ago, 56-year-old Aureliano Carrizales González hanged himself at his home in Ciudad Victoria. We're not sure why, but he was probably depressed about something. Maybe about the fact that his son Isaías hanged himself last August 17. Or that, a month later, on September 20, his son Erick hanged himself. Or possibly it was because his third son, Gilberto, hanged himself on October 1.

Four weeks after Gilberto's suicide, the family's next door neighbor hanged himself. Around that time, a newspaper reporter went out to Ciudad Victoria and knocked on the Carrizales's door to ask, you know, what the fuck? Aureliano wouldn't come to the door, but his daughter, Gladys, told the reporter that, "none of us ever imagined that all this would happen," which seems to us something of an understatement.

Gladys hanged herself on December 13.

Three years ago, when we moved our offices south of the border to take advantage of the low wages and lax regulation offered by NAFTA, we spent our first night in Mexico in Ciudad Victoria, so we understand the urge to hang oneself there. But still! We're not familiar with the literature, and Google wasn't much help, but it's surely possible that Carrizales family holds the world record for Greatest Number of Individual Suicides in a Family - which, given Mexico's obsession with the Guinness Book, just might explain the whole thing.


Obet said...

Con esta nota no sabe uno si reír o lamentarse.

Anonymous said...

What are you implying about the Carradines?

The Mex Files reads too many murder mysteries said...

Either this family are the Hemingways of Mexico or it's the next Patricia Cornwall novel.. wouldn't be surprised if dear of dad (er, dear old late departed dad) had offed the kids, and eventually felt remorseful about it, and did himself in.

Randye said...

yeah, well, they can't be trying for a movie deal; "the vigin suicides" beat them to it, with - can you belive it -only four in one family!!