Monday, June 22, 2009

It Is What It Is

We were just sitting around at the Monday editorial meeting, and the lunchroom lady brought up an ice chest full of Diet Cokes - "Coca Cola Light," in the local parlance - which got us thinking about sodium cyclamate, testicle shrinkage, etc. So we decided to glance at the label, just to be sure, and were surprised to learn that the main ingredient in Diet Coke, after carbonated water, is "Diet Coke."

We'll admit to not knowing the letter of the labeling law here, but we're guessing this probably runs contrary to the spirit of it.


Anonymous said...

Strictly speaking, this is about 3% (my estimate) less absurd than it sounds. Careful examination of your photo shows that the ingredient is actually “Diet Coke concentrate,” and they’re not going to reveal the ingredients of that because it’s a tightly-held corporate secret.

Burro Hall said...

It doesn't have to be that careful - I highlighted it. But still, American Diet Coke contains the same things listed here, except in place of "Diet Coke Concentrate," it lists caramel coloring, phosphoric acid, citric acid and caffeine, which is a bit less cryptic (if also a bit less amusing).

Figuring out why American Diet Coke tastes like Mexican Diet Pepsi and vice-versa is a mystery too big to be solved by this blog, but I welcome any suggestions.