Monday, June 08, 2009

Judicial Activism

This inspired in us just a tiny bit of confidence in the regulatory system here:

Mexico has temporarily grounded almost all of Aviacsa Airlines' aircraft after officials reported irregularities in the maintenance of 25 of them.

A statement issued by the Mexican Communications and Transport Ministry today said the irregularities could endanger air safety, cargo and passengers. The ministry added the suspension applies to 25 planes, and "doesn't imply the total suspension of its operations." However, Aviacsa has only 26 planes in its fleet, all Boeing 737s serving 17 Mexican cities and Las Vegas.

... The government maintains the current problems put passengers at risk.

This, on the other hand, is somewhat less inspiring:

Grounded Mexican airline Aviacsa has obtained an order from a federal judge that will likely force the government to lift a three-day-old suspension on its fleet, company officials said Friday.

The carrier will be allowed to begin operating "the moment they inform us that they'll comply with the order," Chief Executive Eduardo Morales said outside the offices of Mexico's civil aviation regulator, where Aviacsa employees were protesting.

Morales said he expected the suspension, which was put into effect late Tuesday due to irregularities the government said threatened safety, to be lifted "in a matter of hours."

So there you have it - problem solved! Step right up and buy your tickets here!


Anonymous said...

Please tell me that's not the airline that flies out of Queretaro!


Jorge Arturo said...

Querétaro is almost free of air accidents, since the bankrupcy of Alma, the financial problems of Vivaaerobus and Delta the other bankrupcy of RepublicAir and A Volar, there are only three airlines in the city airport, Continental, Aeromexico and Aeromar. So Queretaro is almost air accidents free! Just three more and we are safe for ever.

Anonymous said...

Boy, that's encouraging!