Friday, June 12, 2009

Like Icarus Rising From the Ashes

We thought we'd see if Aviacsa had had any fiery crashes since the airline got a court order allowing it to fly despite being shut down by the government for maintenance violations. So it was a relief to open the paper this morning and see this:

Mexico has re-grounded Aviacsa airlines after winning a court order in an ongoing legal fight with the airline over safety concerns.

The Transportation and Communications Department initially grounded the Mexican airline last week after officials reported irregularities in the maintenance of 25 planes. But Aviacsa resumed flights four days later after a judge overturned the government's order.

A federal appeals court reinstated the government order Thursday and the airline was immediately ordered grounded until it fixes the safety problems

Whew! But y'know, stranger things have happened, so maybe let's just check the newswires a little later in the day, just in case - D'oh!

Mexican airline Aviacsa is flying again after a second suspension by the Communications and Transport Ministry was lifted...

After the SCT suspended Aviacsa again, the airline obtained a definitive injunction, which Cung said should protect it from future suspensions for the causes involved in the current dispute.

"Aviacsa: The Best Damn Legal Team Flying Today!"


Anonymous said...

They're just not flying Aviacsa

bob cox said...

I saw in the paper the next day..."Aviacsa is flying but use at your own risk".
It`s so amusing living in Mexico.