Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Man in the Mirror

Remember that old Simpsons episode about a big, fat, psychiatric patient who thought he was Michael Jackson (voiced, of course, by Michael Jackson)? We were reminded of it when perusing the YouTube Channel of "Estefan Jackson," who we've seen named in a number of news stories as "Mexico's top Michael Jackson impersonator." We're quite certain Estefan started his career as "Mexico's top late-period Elvis impersonator," before deciding to branch out.


Ellen Kimball said...

Thanks for the link to Estefan Jackson on YouTube. I've never given MJ much thought. However, the impact of Michael Jackson's death on look/soundalike acts will be quite substantial.

Here's a quote from the LA Times' Henry Chu on 6/27/09 after Michael Jackson's demise:

"In Mexico City, dozens of Jackson fans hurried to the Angel de la Independencia monument, an all-purpose gathering spot on the scenic main boulevard. Dressed in Jackson-style black fedoras and reflective sunglasses, they sang his hits and placed candles and photographs at a makeshift shrine.

One of those in attendance, a Jackson impersonator who goes by the name Estefan Jackson, told the daily Milenio that fans planned an homage show 'like has never been seen before, worthy of the shows he offered.'"

I would love to see that show.



Richardmtl said...


I was in Tampico recently for an afternoon, and Sr. Jackson pulled up on a flatbed truck with a couch, speakers, and scantily-clad girls, with the music blasting. He jumped off, and proceeded to sign autographs for a good 20 minutes; quite a crowd showed up (attracted by the music, I guess?). Quite a show