Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Oddest Story Ever Told

If you're planning to come to Querétaro to proselytize to the locals, here's a helpful tool for you: the story of Christ's resurrection narrated in the Otomi language.

We found the non-believers falling into the fiery pits of Hell at the end to be an especially nice touch. We're not sure how useful this is, since its a fair bet that any indigenous people here who can't understand Spanish probably don't spend a lot of time cruising YouTube on their wireless laptops. Still, it's worth it just to hear what Otomi sounds like. We recognize a few Spanish words in there - donde and cuando, for instance. Is it really possible that Otomi had no words for "where" and "when" before the Spaniards arrived?

This comes from an outfit called Global Recordings Network, which, God only knows why, "has recorded gospel messages and/or basic Bible teaching in 5700 of the world's spoken languages." In case you ever need to bring the Good News to eskimos.

Postscript: We just noticed that the image above shows what would later be known as the Shroud of Turin (our current pseudo-scientific obsession), and the Sudarium of Oviedo (the Holy Pillowcase of the Lord) which you can read about in pseudo-literary format here.

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