Thursday, June 25, 2009


More Mexican violence spilling over into the peaceful, God-fearing city of Houston:

The stakes are clear in Houston, as the city is considered by the ATF to be the number one point of origin for military-style weapons traced from Mexican organized crime scenes to U.S. sales counters.

“Those people who buy the guns in Houston have just as much blood on their hands as the people who pulled the trigger down in Mexico,” J. Dewey Webb, chief of the ATF’s Houston field division, said Wednesday.

Dozens of guns purchased in Houston have been traced to kidnappings and murders in Mexico.

In one recent federal investigation of 70 weapons bought here by arms traffickers, 36 were used in homicides. The dead include 19 cartel members and 17 civilians or law officers.

Houston is appealing to gunrunners because there are so many stores that those seeking to exploit the system believe they can go unnoticed and find what they want, authorities said.

The "Firearms for Everyone!" crowd, through its mouthpiece organization, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (the 'sport' part comes from the fact that the victims are often running away when they're being shot at) is taking a bold step to crack down on the gun show free for all: throwing up some billboards and public service announcements, in the event that transnational gun-runners don't realize that what they're doing is illegal.

Anyone know how that border wall coming along?

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