Sunday, July 12, 2009

All Hail Someone Who May or May Not Be the Queen

We promised you bikini pictures of Miss Querétaro, though it's proving a lot more complicated than we expected. Below is the only bikini photo to have run in any of the four local newspapers and, of course, it's uncaptioned, so the best we can do is tell you that, facially, she bears a pretty close resemblance to the woman who picked up the crown, so we'd wager (though not heavily) that this is Miss Querétaro - or, as Noticias described her, "our new sovereign":

Apparently, costume-padding has been outlawed at the Miss Q contest.

If you noticed we're being vague about the identity of Our New Sovereign, well, it seems that two of the nine hopefuls were surnamed Cabral Cabrera, a fact we attribute to one of three possible reasons: 1) it's a hell of a coincidence; 2) of the nine prettiest girls in a state of a million and a half people, two are sisters; 3) it's simply untrue, and someone wrote the names down wrong. Anyway, the upshot of this is that Diario de Querétaro is reporting that Alejandra Evelyn Cabral Cabrera is the new Miss Q, while Noticias (which is not online) has an entire spread devoted to Paulina Evelyn Cabral Cabrera's night of victory.

We'll be working around the clock on this scandal and will bring you news as we get it. Though if Paulina and Alejandra turn out to be identical twins, posting will be light as we work on our screenplay.


Joy said...

Her armpit appears to contain a black hole to another dimension.

Anonymous said...

No, it's a hidden third eye!

Anonymous said...

The winner is call Alejandra dunno if she has a sister in the contest but hte winner is Alejandra Evelyn