Thursday, July 02, 2009

All Quiet On the Southern Front

For all the weirdness around here, there are a lot of thing Mexicans do in a far more civilized way than we do up in El Norte. With three days to go before election day, the cacophony in the US is usually unbearable. Here - where on a daily basis the cacophony is unbearable - it's just the opposite. Jornadas de refléxion - days of reflection - begin today. Nobody campaigns. everybody....we dunno, reflects, we suppose. It's kind of nice, except when we get to the Jornadas sin alcohol, when the bars close early the night before, and remain closed throughout election day. If a valid US passport is good for anything around here - and it's not - it should be good to prove that we're not voting and would like a very cold, very dry martini, up, with olives.

A few weeks ago we mentioned the beloved local oddball Ánimo, who'd been recruited into the PRI campaign around here. Setting up one of those motion-triggered cameras like they use to photograph leopards in the veld, we got this rare shot of the man doing his thing.

We very much doubt the Days of Reflection mean Ánimo will be keeping silent this weekend. It would, we believe, be a first.

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