Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another Reason We Think the Mexican Moon Landing Was Faked

Because they still can't quite get their shit together on regular air travel.

Several Mexican discount airlines have recently been grounded because of safety violations, and regulators are closely watching other financially strapped airlines that often carry American tourists and others on domestic routes.

Four airlines, including one that operates in the USA, have been grounded since 2007 after failing maintenance checks. Violations included hydraulic fluid leaks, scrapes on outer skins, and insufficient pilot training.

The carriers that have recently been grounded by the government include

Azteca Airlines, where inspectors found airplanes with engines that did not match the serial numbers in their logbooks, "disorganization in ramp procedures" and shortcomings in training for pilots, mechanics and cargo loaders...the airline never flew again.

Republic Air, a charter company that was shut down for good on April 23, 2007, after the transportation department said its inspectors found "evidence of deterioration" in its two Boeing 737-200s, among other failings.

Aerocalifornia, which struggled financially after the non-fatal crash of a DC-9 in Mexico City on July 21, 2004. In 2006, regulators grounded all 21 of its planes over unspecified safety problems. ...It has not resumed flying.

Magnicharters, which had two Boeing 737s land on their bellies within a year and half at the same airport in Guadalajara because the landing gear failed to come down... Mexican regulators grounded all of Magnicharters' planes June 10, 2008, after they failed a safety inspection. The suspension was lifted 13 days later after the problems were corrected. It is still operating.

Aviacsa, which was barred from flying its fleet of 23 Boeing 737s on June 2 after a safety inspection. It resumed flying after a court overturned the suspension, but it was then grounded again this month because of unpaid air-traffic-control fees.

Aviacsa is working hard to correct the safety problems, by which we mean they're sending their employees into the street to "hand out anti-government fliers."

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