Monday, July 13, 2009

Bikini Update #3

Honestly, finding bikini shots of a Mexican beauty queen should be the easiest thing in the world. Perhaps we shouldn't have summarily fired the entire research staff after the election. But on the larger issue of who, exactly, is Miss Querétaro 2009, we can report that, for the second time in as many days, Diario de Querétaro says it's Alejandra Cabral Cabrera. While not directly referencing Noticias, DQ informs us that Paulina's name is not Paulina Evelyn Cabral Cabrera, but Paulina Cabrera Balderas, which, if anything, suggests that Mexico simply doesn't have enough surnames to go around. Paulina appears to have been first-runner up. Assuming all this is correct, we're curious to see if Noticias ever corrects its banner headline [right] and two-page article, in which they managed to get the name of the winner wrong. Nine times.

We also learn from DQ that the judges included a photographer, a plastic surgeon and an "empresario" which, in our minds, considerably ups the creepiness factor of the whole enterprise. The article's prose about the "the black, two-piece swimsuits showing off their feminine qualities" is best left unremarked on.


chip said...

I think Burro Hall should launch a thorough, hands-on investigation of the matter.

Burro Hall said...

Not without my wingman, dude. Dude!