Monday, July 27, 2009


We mentioned a roadrace yesterday that started and finished near our offices (and, more importantly, involved a DJ screaming into an echoing loudspeaker from 730AM to noon). It was in fact a half-marathon and, astonishingly, since we seldom see anyone else out running during the mandatory morning calisthenics, 850 people showed up for the damn thing.

Even more amazingly, as you can see in the picture below, the race organizers decided, less than 600 meters into the race, to route the field of eight hundred and fifty runners down a narrow pedestrian walkway with a very large tree planted right in the middle of it.

That's the kind of thing that, if we'd known about it in advance, would have made the god-awful Sunday morning racket worth the hassle.


Anonymous said...

How come you didn't jump in?


Anonymous said...

Lucky they didn't add any longhorn bulls to the race down that alley and around that tree!