Friday, July 10, 2009

Casa del Atrio

Just a quick note of local interest: if you're in the Centro, go check out Querétaro's newest art gallery/boutique hotel/soon-to-be café, La Casa del Atrio, which had its grand opening last night, and promises to make this town wicked classy, as we say in Boston.


Pepe said...

Thnx for the note, and thnx for coming by, hope you enjoyed the opening... we will soon open the cafe we promised you with Lebanese food... that is if the Municipio does not take another month or two to give us the permit.

Burro Hall said...

We'll pull some strings if need be. I want my Lebanese cuisine!

Incidentally, I think we've arrived here at what might be considered a "teaching moment" for the local merchant class: On Thursday night, the owners of Casa del Atrio plied us with limitless wine and delicious handmade appetizers. On Friday, they got a positive mention in the city's most powerful and respected English-language website! This may just be a coincidence, of course, though readers may want to ask themselves if that explanation fits in with what they already know about the way things work in Mexico.