Monday, July 06, 2009

The Day After

We realize that election results are supposed to be breaking news but (a) we know you don't really give a shit about Querétaro's local elections, and (b) we felt the need to fire most of the Burro Hall polling staff this morning, and things got a little heated. (Yeah, chain yourselves to the door handles - brilliant move, Einstein! You should have seen their faces when we took the doors off the hinges and threw them out the window. Hey, don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way down!)

Anyway, despite this page's repeated prediction that PAN was going to cruise to victory, they got about as much of a spanking as men are allowed to give each other in public here. The new governor of Querétaro will be former bullfighter, fanatical runner and big pimpin' guayabera-wearer Pepe Calzada. We know little about his policies and proposals, except that his father was governor way back whenever. And speaking of family, meet the new, almost-legal First Daughter of the State of Querétaro:

That's right, that always classy Rotativo named her "Chica of the Weeka" a few weeks back. That seemed as good a reason as any to vote for the guy. Even though we've been here for some time, it's hard, as outsiders, to really assess whether the state is well-run. It seems to be, insofar as it's clean, it's safe, and there's hardly talk of revolution in the air. But are the schools well run? Public health services adequate? Taxes reasonable? Honestly, we don't really know. But there seems to be genuine excitement about at the prospect of change - though it also says a lot that the party that ran the country as a virtual dictatorship for 71 years is suddenly viewed as a breath of fresh air around here.

To us, the most interesting story will be how it was that Calzada won by four points after most polls showed him down by over 20. (Not that anyone in the polling dept. is getting their job back, of course. We're just curious.)

PRI also picked up the majority of the state's seats in congress, echoing similar gains around the country. PAN held on to the mayor's office here - the next mayor of Querétaro will be some punk named Pancho, who's welcome to apply for a job with us as soon as he gets a couple years seasoning.

Ánimo has not been officially named to a cabinet position, but we're hoping secretary of public health.

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