Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Day in the Life

"Turned on the TV this morning. Had this shit on about how we're living in a violent world. Showed all these foreign places, how foreigners live and all. I started thinking, man, either they don't know, don't show, or don't care about what's going on in the 'hood. They had all this foreign shit -- they didn't have shit on my brother, man."

    -- Ice Cube, Boyz n the Hood

We're not entirely sure why this quote was the first thing that popped into our head, but there it was, as soon as we read that yesterday was the deadliest day so far in the so-called War on Drugs here - 53 people turned up dead in one 24-hour period. (And just to be clear, the previous record was only 5 months old, and only one body less. This is hardly Bob Beamon breaking the long jump record in Mexico City; we don't expect this one to last through the end of the year.)

Maybe what got us pissed off about this is that 53 is one corpse more than the 2005 bombings in London, which, four years later, is still commemorated with bagpipes, moments of silence, benefit concerts and the unveiling of a memorial sculpture in Hyde Park. Here, 53 dead was just another day. The total death toll for the year stands at about 3,700 - 20% higher than September 11, and yet we can't help but think that if most of the violence weren't taking place so close to the US border, it wouldn't be a story at all.

But we're not really complaining that the worldwide press didn't give a shit about yesterday's recod - hell, the article we linked to above was on page 17 of the Mexican newspaper. "Record Day, 53 Killed (see p.17)." That's the kind of thing you put in a time capsule, so future generations might understand how fucked things were.

Of course, since most of the violence is gang-on-gang stuff, the majority of the dead are, to use the technical term, total douchebags. But still, yesterday's toll included a magazine editor in Chihuahua, the mayor of Namiquipa, three handcuffed bodies in Nuevo Urecho, Michoacan, two women and a cop machine gunned in a pizzeria in Ecatepec, Estado de Mexico, Another cop in Guanajuato, and a 17-year old "ejecutada con el tiro de gracia" - executed by coup de grâce - in Guerrero. All so the United States can have a plentiful supply of cheap cocaine - a goal we totally support, by the way. We just wish there were a better way to go about this.

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Anonymous said...

Idea to stop the violence and killings due to the drug traffic here ...
The Mexican government could throw open the floodgates for the drug shipments to the client, the US.

Of course Mexico would have to forego the $12 million that the States hands over to help win their war on drugs. Tips as the cartels pass might be appropriate though.

Think of it this way, if a huge supply of cheap, uncut illegal substances suddenly hit the market in the United States, the number of customers for them there would decrease sharply.