Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy Days Are Here Again

You may recall us introducing you to the colorful local weirdo named Ánimo a few weeks ago, as he rode around town in his familiar white Oldsmobuick Piece-o-Shit, rallying the townfolk to the PRI cause. He was probably one of the most vociferous and indefatigable PRI cheerleaders here in the Centro and, of course, the PRI, despite its well-known history of spectacular corruption, bribery and political patronage, won the governor's office pretty decisively here.

We're sure that all of this is absolutely unrelated to the fact that we just saw Ánimo doing his usual honking, whistling and screaming of "ánimo!!" from behind the wheel of a brand new BMW Z3 convertible. It was probably left to him by a rich aunt or something.

The Burro Hall editorial board would like to point out to governor-elect Calzada that it was only the constitutional clause barring foreigners from participation in politics here that prevented this page from issuing a full-throated endorsement of his candidacy. And - apropos of nothing - that the transmission on our nine-year-old Ford Explorer has been giving us a little trouble lately.


ibbitos said...

Hi, Thanks for the "Animo" shots. However, just to clarify. As Animo is a car mecanic (he also calles his self Mecanimo) he is very often seen in different cars. Also luxury cars. You know, test drive, goin for spare parts, etc. However, he never stoppes shouting his animo slogans.
If you wanna met Animo in person, come to the market mercado La Cruz. Each morning about 8 he´s there for some breakfest and saluting the peeps.

Burro Hall said...

(We know...we were making a joke.)