Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oh, To Be An Accredited Journalist Again!

We very much regret that won't be able to send a reporter to the press conference on exorcism being held by the Diocese of Querétaro this afternoon, but we promise to keep you informed, barring any demonic possession here at our offices.

Meanwhile, here's a video that makes "Tubular Bells" seem a lot less sinister. Context is everything, we suppose.


Anonymous said...

what! the spare cat is not free to do a little reporting work? how about the perro, whose name is appropriate for the job? or the regular cat?
strap on the little tape recorders and microphones and off they go!

Burro Hall said...

What you'd get back is an hour-long recording of a sandpapery slurping sound, which would be the perro licking the floor for any traces of food. We've tried this before.

Anonymous said...

But in this instance, it might be the REAL soundtrack of the event!!

Anonymous said...

Great video...I can't recall the last time I've seem such grace on skis.

As for the pet discussion, may I suggest a web cam strapped to his back for Gatovision? Has to beat the perro's slurping :o)