Saturday, July 11, 2009


Our mission (or, if you'll excuse us while we show off a little in Spanish, our raison d'être) -- strengthening ties between Brooklyn and Mexico -- scored a major, unexpected success this week right here in our own backyard, with an exhibition in the Plaza de Armas of photographs by Ricardo Azarcoya, titled "The New York Soul." Though we don't believe the soul of New York to be quite as Hasidic and homosexual as Azarcoya does, we decided to read his choice of subject matter as a coded message of solidarity directed at Burro Hall. Hasidim, after all, tend to be located in Brooklyn, and the Gay Pride parade usually happens on the weekend of our birthday.

And of the 468 subways stations in New York City, we noticed only one made it into the exhibition:

Can there be any doubt that someone's trying to curry favor? Could a Sister Cities request be far behind?


Joy said...

And we're certain that's not City Hall?

Burro Hall said...

Of course - who'd want to kiss City Hall's ass?

But also, if you look down at the bottom corner of the window, you can see the tile on the wall, reading "AY," as in Jay St/Borough Hall, home of the A, C and F trains.