Friday, July 31, 2009

Quelling the Large Cohort

Because it's always fun to chart the aligning stars of right-wing craziness, we were glad to receive this email from one of the anti-immigrant wackos placing themselves firmly within the "birther" camp, which is so damn crazy even hardcore crazies like Ann Coulter think they're crazy.

Still, we think it's kind of sweet how they try to use big words, while managing to misspell the name of the US president throughout.

The [Southern Poverty Law Center's] most recent call for Lou Dobbs to be fired was in response to Dobbs making the following statement on his radio show regarding the birth certificate and Constitutional eligibility of President Barrack [sic] Obama.

Lou Dobbs did not take a position on President Obama's Constitutional eligibility to serve as President as a natural born citizens [sic]. Lou Dobbs simply said "President Obama needs to "produce a birth certificate".

American citizens of all walks of life are regularly made to provide a copy of their original birth certificate for jobs, licenses, passports, and other documents. Therefore, it is completely reasonable that President Barrack [sic] Hussein Obama should do the same to quell the large cohort of citizens that have serious questions about his eligibility to serve in an arena where there should be no doubts!

The idea of Obama not only out of office, but being deported has got to be almost aphrodisiacal for these folks.

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