Friday, July 03, 2009

The Year of the Cat

It was a year ago today that the filthy little bag of parasites we christened Juan Pablo II washed up on the doorstep of Burro Hall. Since his initial seven dollar vet consultation and $50 neutering, he's cost us roughly $900 in premium catfood and lost collars and nametags. We read somewhere these things can live for 20 years.


Anonymous said...

Please give Juan Pablo II a scratch behind the ears from this Marblehead, MA fan who has never met him. He is one damn cute former bag of parasites. Incidentally, his cat carrier doesn't impress me all that much. Given his name and status in the Catholic Church, shouldn't he be in a much sweeter ride?

Burro Hall said...

I'll pass along the ear-scratch, thanks! The bag was just a temporary shelter in which to hide so the main cat wouldn't kill and eat him. These days he travels in an ermine-covered sedan chair, as one might expect.