Sunday, August 23, 2009

Amusing Things We Find on the Google

Lest you think we just sit around the office Googling ourselves all day, let us explain that the Blogger "search" function in the upper left corner sucks major ass, and so whenever we want to find something in the archives, we have to do a Google search (Blogger is owned by Google, which is why this makes no sense to us). But...where were we? Oh, so we were searching for the Hillary Clinton entry referenced below, and came across this AOL Bulletin Board discussion about how the crazy libtards are crying "racism" over those "socialist joker" posters. (Which we don't find to be racist at all...nor even particularly funny, since The Joker was an anarchist, not a socialist ["Do I really look like a guy with a plan?"]. We do admire the Photoshop skillz, though.) Anyway, an astute commenter named RhodaRyder notes:

It has also been acceptable to put a joker face on Sarah Palin and George Bush. It seems to me I saw a joker face put on Hillary Clinton's face. In response to calling the Uncle Sam the fattest nation on earth, the Burro Hall Nutrition Research Institute sent a cartoon of a fat Mararichi [sic] to Coahuila. Jews, Hispanics and whites are more confident in themselves and are not afraid of adverse cartoons that depict them in unflattering ways. Putting the joker face on Obama, however, is called racist.

Right on, sister! We're pretty sure the BHNRI did no such thing, but we plan to ask them about this when they present their annual report on Sept. 30. Nor are we really sure what it has to do with....well, anything, but we're glad for the shout-out because every little bit of recognition helps when applying for grant money. We do know that a Blogger search of this site for "Coahuila" or "Nutrition Research Institute" turns up nothing, so we had to go to Google to find our own three-week-old link.


Anonymous said...

Why people in the US is so afraid of socialism?

Many countries in the world are socilist and fine, like sweden, iceland, france, uk, and so on.

Burro Hall said...

Many Americans would start the list with Cuba, North Vietnam, Albania...

They're not very smart, many of them.