Tuesday, August 04, 2009

August is the Cruelest Month

Awesome! Dengue fever - also known as "bonebreak fever" for reasons we'd prefer not to contemplate - has moved from the Yucatán to the center of the country!

In Querétaro, the state secretary of health, Rafael Ascencio, confirmed three cases of dengue, one of them in the capital city.

This should totally take the pressure off the swine, anyway.

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Jorge Arturo said...

Every year this happens, but every year is the same, dengue mosquitoes can survive in Queretaro's weather, to dry for them, and the person or people that got the disease is always a person that was traveling on a more tropical weather place so he/she got the disease over there.

Still good to know there are some cautions in place, to prevent what happened in Argentina in April.