Tuesday, August 11, 2009


While "Best Indian Restaurant in Querétaro" may indeed be faint praise (there is no second-best Indian restaurant here), we can assure you that the curry at Bhaji is the real deal. And now, like a prayer being answered by some many-armed, half-elephant god-man or whatever the hell they worship, Bhaji have moved from their rather inconvenient old location to the heart of the Centro Historico - Independencia 72, between Pasteur and Rio de la Loza - so close to the Burro Hall offices that the perro's fur smells faintly of vindaloo.

We'll be holding our regular Tuesday evening staff meeting there tonight, so come on by and say hello. We hear the naan bread is especially delicious.


brujo said...

Looking forward to when the establishment is licensed. Then I can have a chota peg or even a burra peg.

Burro Hall said...

Or even a beer. Mmmmm....beer.