Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Envelope, Please

El Universal ran a poll recently asking Mexicans to name their favorite Mexican actor of all time, and the runaway winner, unsurprisingly, was Pedro Infante, with 27% of the vote - Cantinflas and "no one" tied for second place with 8%. Five of the top eight actors are dead, and with Diego Luna failing to make the list, this is the first time we've ever seen Gael Garcia's name in print without him. Among the favorite Mexican actresses of all time, "no response" and "no one" cruised to a 1-2 victory, with Silvia Pinal (not dead) coming in a close third.

When asked to name the best actor of all time, regardless of nationality, the answers were pretty much what you'd find anywhere else in the world: Brad Pitt is the greatest actor who has ever lived, followed closely by Pedro Infante and Johnny "Pancho Villa" Depp, with Robert DeNiro and Vin Diesel bringing up the rear.

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