Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Healing Waters of La Gloria

We told you a few months ago about the town of La Gloria's attempt to turn itself into a tourist destination based on it being the home of the swine flu epidemic's [alleged] "Patient Zero," a five-year-old bag of germs named Édgar Hernández Hernández, in whose honor a life-sized statue has been erected in the center of town.

At the time, we scoffed at the notion that anyone would want to visit a town specifically because it's the center of a deadly and contagious disease outbreak, but clearly we underestimated the pure batshit craziness of some people:

"Édgar Hernández is healthier than ever, and even when he goes to the bathroom, many people follow him there because the hope to be cured by his urine," said Governor Fidel Herrera Beltrán, who attended the unveiling of the statue.

Drink that in for a moment (if you will): not only do people go out of their way to visit this town, but they vie for the opportunity to drink the piss of a five-year-old, swine flu-infected child. And the governor of the state brags about this in a family newspaper. Even just writing that sentence ought to get us exiled to Scandinavia.


Anonymous said...

Please tell me that you made this up. Please.


Burro Hall said...

Just the part about being surprised by it.

Nocturnal Queen said...

Ugh. That is weird and creepy and disgusting.

Richard said...

It was the Veracruz State Governor who said folks wanted the kid's pee... but then again, this is the guy who claimed to have won the lottery TWICE, who said that confinement feed lots don't create pollution... and who promised that the Hernandez family would be compensated. Heck, if he says the sun rose in the East this morning, I'd demand confirmation from an independent source or three.

Burro Hall said...

It came from a Mexican newspaper, so I assume it was triple-sourced, with at least two of them being eyewitnesses.