Saturday, August 08, 2009

Speak Out!

In Querétaro, which leads the nation in unwed mothers, where one-third of the babies are born to girls 17 and under, and which has - and we're sure this is completely a coincidence - about 365 churches, abortion is, like everywhere else in Mexico except Mexico City, illegal. That's apparently not destructive enough for PAN, the political arm of the Catholic Church here, so with just 50 days to go before they lose control of the state government (PRI beat them in last month's elections), a uterus-free legislator named Fernando Urbiola Ledesma [right] is trying to ram though an amendment to the local constitution that would obligate the state to "defend life from the moment of conception." Because every sperm is sacred.

The Legislature is opening itself up to a public comment period next week, August 10-14, from 10:00AM to 2:00PM (Casa Legislativa, Madero 71, Centro, in the "Salón Venustiano Carranza"), where concerned citizens (which we are not) and organizations can come in and speak out. We're not certain of this, but we think you have to sign up in advance, as opposed to just showing up and expecting to talk.

This has been a public service announcement from Burro Hall.

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Richard said...

Alas, this is a trend throughout the PAN belt. Guanajuanto recently passed just such an amendment, which is already creating huge legal problems. Does this require a ministerial investigation of every miscarriage?

Abortion is supposed to be legal under federal law under certain circumstances (like rape, incest, etc.) but the problem has been that some state officials are sign off on the exceptions and often won't tell citizens they have this right.

There may be a push to reform the federal health code in the next legislature... the PRI ain't all bad.

One small correction. In the State of Mexico, one can be treated for a "late menstration" and in Yucatan, abortions are legal when performed out of economic necessity (i.e., too many kids to feed). The Yucatan exception, though, requires showing proof of income, etc. which does put the very people it's meant to serve (who seldom have jobs that provide a regular paycheck and receipts and whatnot) at a disadvantage.

And -- NO JOKE -- the "word verification" is "obgyn" ... holy shit!!!