Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Well, for three years now the wide-screen, flat-panel HDTV in our boardroom has been connected to the outside world via Cablecom at a cost of...well, we don't know how much it costs, because the never sent a bill. One time, about a year ago, they sent a guy to collect all the money we owed, and we explained that we never got a bill, to which he replied that he'd straighten it all out and be back the next day, and was never heard from again.

Then a couple of days ago, we turned on the tv to discover nothing but static. Going up to the roof and following the line of the blue Cablecom cable to the electrical pole across the street, we can clearly see our wire hanging loose. We talked our way onto the neighbor's roof to try and reconnect it, but those little dark cylinders hanging down are some sort of devilish childproof puzzle-lock to prevent us from doing what we were trying to do.

Make no mistake, that infernal talking box has caused us nothing but trouble over the years, and we're not sorry to see it go. But it's still a little weird that they would make no attempt to collect before cutting us off. Viva Mexico!


Jorge Arturo said...

Try megacable, the do sent the bill on time, and had a nice discount if you pay the year in advance.

mark said...

you need a cable tv removal tool, hombre


F the man!