Friday, August 21, 2009

Y Tu Mamá También

This strikes us as a very, very bad idea.

The reputed head of the La Familia cartel, an increasingly notorious drug trafficking organization in Mexico, did not mince words in his threat: "If anybody attacks my father, my mother, my brothers, they're going to have to deal with me," Servando Gomez warned the government on local television last month.

But instead of backing down, the administration of Mexican President Felipe Calderón, who has deployed 45,000 troops throughout Mexico to clamp down on traffickers, responded this week by detaining not just Mr. Gomez's brother, but his mother too.

Ho. Lee. Shit. Has Felipe Calderón ever been to Mexico? We, with our less-than-stellar Spanish, live in mortal fear of accidentally slighting someone's mother, never mind hauling her away in leg irons and tossing her ass in the slammer. And if you're doing it to the mother of the head of La Familia - which means "The Family," in case it's not clear where Gomez's priorities lay - well, you better be damn sure you've got the goods on her.

Gomez's mother... was released Wednesday, two days after her arrest, for "lack of evidence."

Ho. Lee. Shit. We're going to steer clear of Michoacán until Sra. Gomez dies of natural causes - and actually, we may wait a year or two after that to allow her son to calm down a bit. We've got 500 pesos that says even the butterflies won't come back this year.


Anonymous said...

I'm expecting some ugly news shortly as a result of this. I thought motherhood was sacred and all that.

By the way, I was expecting something of a dry period in reporting while you're out of town, freeing up some time for naval-gazing, but you seem to be knocking yourself out with posts. Keep 'em coming, we need to know!

Burro Hall said...

Never underestimate my capacity for procrastination. But feel free to navel-gaze at your leisure.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet Calderon's mother is pissed that he did that, is there an eye for an eye, mother for mother thing there?

Anonymous said...

Michoacan is probably the safest place in North America - with all the federales protecting us day and night. Even when I stayed at a hotel last March in Queretaro, the hotel was full of federales.

Mexican cartel members are a colorful bunch and are prone to a little hyperbole from time to time. In most places here in Michoacan, it is safer than in most American cities.