Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You'll Have Nothing and Like It

We told you a couple of weeks ago about the PAN’s last-ditch attempt to rewrite the state constitution to enshrine the “life begins at conception” myth, and that the issue was so contentious that the congressional committee on constitutional amendments was holding an unusual, week-long public comment period, so the people of the state could have their say. Demand was so great that it was extended another week. One hundred sixty four people got up and spoke – 54 in favor of changing the law, 110 opposed. And then the committee did exactly what you might expect, which was to immediately and unanimously vote in favor of rewriting the constitution. At left, please welcome the Gallos Blancos newest aficionadito!

News reports are, as usual, deeply contradictory, so either there’s no penalty for the mother, or she goes to jail for three years. And there may or may not be an exception for rape, incest or health of the mother. With abortion already being illegal here, there probably won’t be any real change – we’ll still lead the nation in unwed mothers, and 30 percent of new moms will continue to be underage! The real effect is that a more liberal law like the one in Mexico City can’t be passed here unless the constitution is again rewritten.

One of the best things about the Querétaro Centro, with its adobe buildings and colonial architecture, comically unreliable infrastructure, and cobblestone streets swept clean by old women with handmade brooms, is that it seems frozen in time. Take a walk in the morning before the cars start clogging the road, and you can easily imagine that it's the 19th Century, and the world has been untouched by progress and modernity. Or, if you're not the walking type, you could just pick up the paper and read the results of yesterday's vote.


Anonymous said...

If I'm understanding correctly, I think you meant to state that abortion is il-legal in Queretaro in the second paragraph.

I was always told that my life started as a gleam in my dad's eye...try to legislate around that!

Burro Hall said...

Thanks for the catch.

PAN will be sending someone to poke out your father's eye sometime before Oct 1.

Anonymous said...

Does that mean I cease to exist?

And I thought politics in el Norte was entertaining enough.

brujo said...

pity we couldn't have mobilized this group. I don't even have their phone no. Yes, I own this photo.


brujo said...
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