Thursday, September 03, 2009

Another Reason Why All Mexican Films Have to Star Either Gael García Bernal or Diego Luna

Tourism is down in Querétaro, thanks largely to the tanking of the worldwide economy. Fortunately, the state has a crackerjack, award-winning tourism office spending time and resources on promotional videos like this one - "Querétaro in the Voice of a Group of Foreign Friends" - a title that's only slightly less awkward-sounding in Spanish.

Querétaro being perhaps the largest small town in North America, it should be no surprise that we know just about everyone who appears in this video (in fact, full disclosure, we were asked to appear ourselves), so we'd like to make clear that the interviewees are in no way responsible for the fact that this is without a doubt the worst video we have ever seen in our entire lives.

Clocking in at just under six minutes, it manages to feel longer than Shoah and about as uplifting. We couldn't hear very much of it because they apparently opted not to use a microphone, and then put annoying music over the few words that were intelligible. (From the snippets we could hear, Querétaro is a nice place to take a walk.) Also, the traditional "try to use good sound bites" approach has been so flagrantly jettisoned that we can only assume it was a conscious decision, either to make the film feel "edgier" or the foreigners appear to be inarticulate idiots. (Which they aren't. Well, okay, two of them are. We're not saying anything else.) Because you'll never make it that far, we'll tell you [Spoiler Alert!] that the last full minute is devoted to the interviewer saying thanks and goodbye to all of the interviewees.

We did admire the final shot of the woman walking in the park. An obvious homage to the ending of The Third Man, but it comes too late to save it.


ckg said...

Maybe you can stop heading to NYC to make a buck and just stay here to produce these films in a non-shitty way.

Burro Hall said...

Depends. How's the pay?

Anonymous said...

Wow. I don't speak a word of Spanish and yet I can't miss just how awful this is. Was someone actually paid to make it?

Anonymous said...

I like walking in Queretaro too, cos the roads are full of f*ckin maniacs who cant drive!

Anonymous said...

Great movie! You look swell but do try and grow some more hair. And by the way try to think of more original answers, otherwise you did a great job. Time to move over Diego Luna.