Monday, September 28, 2009

Beast of Eden

It's not clear to us why so many convicted pedophiles think fleeing to Mexico is a good idea - Mexico has extradition treaties with a lot of countries, you know - but the UK's Andrew Eden, recently returned home to prison after a three-year vacation in Guadalajara, offers a pretty convincing explanation: he had "always wanted to go to Mexico or Thailand," you see, but then, having been sentenced to jail in the UK, he "had gone earlier than planned because he feared for his safety."

We gotta admit, we're totally buying that one. Unless you really like beaches, we'll take central Mexico over South East Asian weather any day. But then Eden follows up with what might be the least-sympathetic argument ever for fighting extradition:

Eden was arrested in September 2008 but fought extradition. The Manchester Evening News understands he preferred conditions in Mexico where prisoners are said to enjoy conjugal visits.

We're disturbed by the argument of course, but even more so by the fact that, well, he may have a point.

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