Saturday, September 19, 2009

Give Us Your Poor, Your Tired, Your Smarter-Than-Average

The anti-immigrant crowd lives in perpetual fear that some how, somewhere, some illegal immigrant is going to get something beneficial, which is why school districts around the country are redoubling their efforts to keep non-citizens out of their schools.

Turns out, this might wind up being in the Mexicans best interests:

75 Percent of Oklahoma High School Students Can't Name the First President of the U.S.

...A thousand students were given 10 questions drawn from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services item bank. Candidates for U.S. citizenship must answer six questions correctly in order to become citizens.

About 92 percent of the people who take the citizenship test pass on their first try, according to immigration service data. However, Oklahoma students did not fare as well. Only about 3 percent of the students surveyed would have passed the citizenship test.

We're pretty sure that at least one in four Mexican high school students could correctly name George Washington, which would mean that an influx of illegal schoolkids might help some of these districts raise their average test scores. Who knows, some might grow up to be rocket scientists.

Update: The problem apparently runs both ways. America's solution is to build a multi-billion-dollar wall. Mexico's?

The Mexican consulate in El Paso has a pilot program to correct an old problem on the border -- fake birth certificates.

Some Mexican parents of US-born children used fake Mexican birth certificates so their children could live and attend school in Mexico, too. The pilot program includes free legal services.

"That means the people can do it without any kind of fear, any kind of problem and they will be able to correct the situation," said Roberto Rodriguez Hernandez, Mexican consul general, El Paso.


Anonymous said...

It was George Washington? No way!

Michelle said...

I wish it would work that way. We have lots of immigrants in my school district. Many of them are tied to the drug cartels. We are definitely not getting the best and the brightest.

However, when I lived in Mexico, I noticed that the majority of its citizens were much more educated than the average American. Of course, the people I met were the ones who stayed...

Lazlo Lozla said...

It would be interesting to know how many here could name the first Mexican Prez (hint: he usually does not get a shout-out during the "Grito" ceremony).