Friday, September 04, 2009

Sonic Boom

Sweet Jesus with wings! Aeroméxico is about to allow cellphone use on all its flights. Two hundred Mexicans packed together inside an aluminum tube, trying to shout over the noise of the engines and the cacophony of the 199 other passengers doing the same? Did we mention they don't charge for alcohol on these flights, either?

In the US, we usually have the hijacking first, and then we let everyone talk on their cellphones. Mexico, it seems, is opting for the reverse approach.


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha. That's right, in the U.S.A. passengers only use cellphones when they think they are about to die. If they think they are about to die the pilot and flight attendants are too busy to enforce the rule.

Anonymous said...

I have seen more cellphone usage in the US, I think is going to be just like traveling on bus, a single annoying person using the phone all trip, and the others not, also I don't think telcel is going to provide the needed antena, since the antenas on the ground doesn't work on air. So you can travel in peace, for a while.