Sunday, October 11, 2009


The AP has a long article here debating whether or not the world will end 38 months from now - and apparently, like everything else that goes wrong in North America, it's all Mexico's fault.

Anyway, we managed to see the trailer for "2012," the movie that shows us all how it's gonna go down, and all we can say is that the Apocalypse looks friggin' awesome!

Interesting side note: One way you could always tell if a movie was set in the future was that the president of the US was usually black. This holds true in "2012," though for some reason he's played by Danny Glover, who bears no resemblance to the actual black president of the US in 2012. Weird. But also, he gets crushed by an aircraft carrier, which just totally rocks.


Anonymous said...

Apocalyptic post, love the interesting side note.


Lazlo Lozla said...

ZOMG, how ominous the name on the carrier!
But apparently some Mayas are not that amused:

Burro Hall said...

Well, c'mon, Lazlo...if it is the end of the world, you think the Maya are gonna tell the white man?

Anonymous said...

I trust you noticed the voice over at the end, encouraging the viewers to "learn the truth", is the voice of Frontline, Will Lyman.

tio loco

Burro Hall said...

Man, the cover-up stretches to the highest levels.