Thursday, October 29, 2009

Live by the Vitriol, Die by the Vitriol

There was a heated discussion about this at this morning's editorial meeting, but in the end we decided that we're more or less cool with it.

Police Investigating Shot Fired at Lou Dobbs' Home

On his radio show this week, Lou Dobbs told his listeners that someone fired a shot at his remote New Jersey home earlier this month, while his wife was standing outside.

"My house has been shot and hit... This shot was fired, with my wife not 15 feet away," said Dobbs. "It's part of life. The anger, the hate, the vitriol."

Somehow the story turned to "little fools like Geraldo Rivera."

There is no comment from CNN on the security scare.

Update: To be clear, we’re not endorsing actually shooting Lou Dobbs, but merely shooting at him. Nevertheless, we’re also calling bullshit on the whole episode.

An investigation revealed the bullet bounced off the siding near the roof, and dropped to the ground, [Sgt.] Jones said.

It is believed to be a rifle round, and there are “indications it was fired from a long distance away” because it did not penetrate the siding, Jones said.

Police conducted a search in the area around the home and interviewed neighbors and people in the area, which Jones said did not reveal any leads.

Jones declined to speculate on whether the shooter was targeting the home or whether it was a hunter’s misfire, but said “it is not uncommon this time of year, toward hunting season, to have bullets shot at houses in rural areas.”

Because Dobbs is a middle-class man of the people, the incident took place on his 300 acre farm and was witnessed by his chauffeur. Amusingly, his farmhouse is clad in vinyl siding. We’re not sure how slowly a bullet has to be traveling for it to fail to penetrate vinyl siding, but we’re pretty sure we could at least make a dent if we tossed one overhand. Dobbs of course declared the incident “part of an assault against anyone who opposes leniency toward illegal immigrants.”

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Mexfiles said...

How did the chauffeur witness this? A rifle bullet that bounces off vinyl siding is going very, very slowly... i.e., has been traveling for a long distance. Maybe the laws of physics don't apply to Lou.