Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Nobel Justice

It's Nobel Prize season again. As gringo arrivistes, we suppose we can be forgiven for only just now learning that a queretana woman was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize a few years ago. This is, of course, like being nominated for a Pulitzer - anyone can do it; George Bush has been nominated repeatedly, and Kissinger actually won the damn thing. Still, Querétaro's a small state, so we'll bask in her reflected glory.

Macedonia Blas Flores was nominated in 2005 for working to end violence and discrimination against indigenous Otomi women. But apparently, not all Otomi women want to be helped, and in 2003, she was savagely attacked in her home (allegedly) by two Otomi women, Ana Santiago Calixta and Alejandra García Santiago, who beat her, threw her to the floor, tore off her clothes and...oh, we'll just leave this part untranslated: introdujeron en los genitales una salsa preparada con diversos chiles. We can tell you from experience that the chile salsas here can be pretty picante - and that's just in your mouth.

Anyway, the point of this treacherous story is that the two assailants have been on the lam for about six years now...until Sunday, that is, when they were apprehended and taken into custody in San Juan del Rio. Indigenous women like Blas Flores don't get a lot of justice in Querétaro, so we're glad to see someone actually taking the law seriously for a change. And of course, we heartily endorse making the punishment fitting the crime.

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