Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Raiders of the Lost Art

Quite some time ago, in response to a rumor (apparently incorrect) that a certain piece of artwork had been pilfered from our former office at CBS and relocated to the executive producer's lair, we offered a handmade Zapatista doll to the first person to send us a current picture of the new installation.

Three years, two months and one deceased tv legend later, we have a winner!

After yesterday's memorial service of 60 Minutes creator Don Hewitt, our friend and former co-worker Bob Dean ventured back to the CBS offices, where he spotted this diptych masterpiece on the wall of the broadcast's new director, Rob Klug:

The director, whom we've never met, has apparently been under the impression the couple in the photos are Mr and Mrs Ed Herlihy, the famous newsreel announcer. In fact, their true identities are lost to history, as would their faces have been, had they not been rescued from a Mississippi thrift shop by our Weekend-Overnight Sports Editor and his wife a decade ago.

It may take another three years, but Bob's Zapatista doll is on the way.


Anonymous said...

As someone who completely understands the provenance of these portraits, I have one question: Why did you take down the said director's name? I ask because I would like to visit his office for a personal viewing.

Mrs. Overnight Sports Editor

Burro Hall said...

The show has more than one director, and I hadn't confirmed that it was, in fact, Rob Klug. (The Times isn't the only outfit with standards around here, you know...)

But now I have. He's at ext. 7505.

Walt said...

wait till he discovers that the guy in the picture is a former grand wizard of the klan.

Burro Hall said...


chip said...

Ed Herlihy was in the klan?