Friday, October 09, 2009


Mike Bloomberg, the CEO of New York, just released a report showing how out-of-state gun shows help decent, God-fearing felons exercise the Second Amendment rights that would otherwise be denied them for being, um, felons.

The reason Hizzoner hates freedom and liberty so much is that a lot of those illegal guns find their way into his city (which has much stricter gun laws), where they are often used to kill registered voters.

In keeping with our mission to strengthen ties between Brooklyn and Mexico, we note that the exact same loophole the mayor is pissed about is what helps keep Mexico awash in weaponry.

Corrupt customs officials help smuggle weapons into Mexico, earning as much as $1 million for large shipments, police here say. The weapons are often bought legally at gun shows in Arizona and other border states where loopholes allow criminals to stock up without background checks.

The arms traffickers have left Mexico awash in AK-47s, pistols, telescope sighting devices, grenades, grenade launchers and high-powered ammunition, such as the so-called cop-killer bullets believed to be able to penetrate bulletproof vests.

"You're looking at the same firepower here on the border that our soldiers are facing in Iraq and Afghanistan," Thomas Mangan, a spokesman in Phoenix for the ATF, said in an interview.


Lazlo Lozla said...

Funny they mention Iraq and Afghanistan, since when talking about weapons being passed from America to Mexican drug lords, it's usually about corrupt Mexicans that cannot deal with American freedoms. But if it's arms being smuggled from Iran to occupied Afghanistan, it's a different matter entirely.

chip said...

Can you really call it a "loophole" at this point?