Monday, October 05, 2009

Taken for Granite

The latest bit of handout-mooching from the Failed State of Arizona:

A prototype granite statue honoring American troops fighting overseas will soon make a 2,700 mile journey to Lake Havasu City after the Freedom Bridge Foundation beat about 300 applicants for the statue.

Millbury, Massachusetts-based Fireplace Mantels Etc. co-owners Mark and Debra Blain created the statue, which depicts an American soldier in uniform standing in front of a stone U.S.A. and waving an American flag. The couple decided to donate the statue after watching the film “Taking Chance,” in which Kevin Bacon plays a U.S. Marine bringing a fallen comrade home from battle.

“That movie moved us so much that after the movie we said let’s give it away to a deserving town or organization that would proudly display it,” Debra Blain said.

After a local town declined the gift, the Blains decided to invite cities across the country to apply for it

The "local town" that rejected the sculpture for reasons of good taste? Swampscott, Massachusetts.

You're welcome, Arizona.

Update: Turns out, this bit of American cheese was made - wait for it - in China.

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Krellinator said...

I KNEW I read about that somewhere. Great one. I love understated art.