Friday, October 30, 2009

This Is Where the Octavio Paz "Mexican Masks" Reference Would Go If This Were That Kind of a Blog, Which It's Not.

We love Halloween because it's the time of year when the grossly insensitive collide with the preciously oversensitive - a win-win situation as long as you don't belong to either camp. So on the one hand, complaints about this "Mexican Man" costume cause us to roll our eyes all the way back in our heads (which is itself a pretty good, scary costume for those on a budget). On the other hand,

The character reflected in the costume above has, historically, been characterized as lazy, unintelligent, alcoholic and untrustworthy in mainstream media and entertainment. Dressing up as, say, a mariachi, wouldn’t hold the same social or historical currency.

We think there's enough empirical proof to stand behind the "alcoholic" slur, but that's another matter. So we took a quick tour through the intertubes to see what comes up when we search for "Mexican Halloween Costume." We don't think many of these will be applauded by the oversensitives.

Burros are big this year, though after three-and-a-half years we can still count on our fingers the number of people we've seen actually riding donkeys around here. At first glance, the guy below appears to be fucking it*, but that's just an illusion. Most costumes have overly literal descriptive names, but since "Mexican Fucking Burro" was probably deemed to offensive, this one is just called Hey, Amigo! For some reason, that's just so much worse.

Meanwhile, the Inflatable Donkey Boy doesn't so much offend as baffle. We'd love to see a closeup of the neck-hole, since it seems to coincide with the donkey's anus. Where are the testicles? Where is Child Protective Services when a parent is forcing their child's head through a blow-up donkey's asshole? And why does this crop up when we search for "Mexican"?

At some point when we weren't paying attention, Halloween morphed into "Dress Like a Porn Star" Day, so why be a bullfighter, or even a female bullfighter, when you can be a Sexy Bullfighter! What's funny about this one is that, when you get right down to it, real-life male bullfighters don't wear very much more than this when facing down a 1200-pound toro.

In a similar vein, though borderland she-devils actually look like this in real life, the Sexy Border Babe puts the wet back in wetback, if you knowwhatimsayin'...

Finally, we submit this last one without comment - except to say that actually slaughtering your pug and selling the meat to a taco vendor would be a kinder thing to do to him.

    *[Given the number of people who find this site via the search term "donkey fucking," we kind of curious what sort of riffraff this post drags in.]


tom borland said...

i haven't laughed that hard in weeks. Excellent post as always

Fledermaus said...

Pobre Perro. Methinks this could eventually require some counseling...or maybe just show up on some daytime talk show. to air all.