Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Not Even a Good Idea on Paper

Occasionally we mount an expedition from the island of Manhattan to the mainland United States - this week, we're somewhere in the middle of the 95% of New York State's landmass in which 5% of the population resides - which gives us a chance to see some of the thing you don't often find in the big city. For instance, tonight we've been kicking back at the Holiday Inn Express with a couple of 12-packs of Miller High Life (because that's the way we roll, motherfuckers). Outside the greater metropolitan area his time of year, they come in special camouflage colors:

If you can't see them, they're right behind the words "16 oz" magically floating above the table top. It seems to us that the only conceivable reason for creating an autumn-camo beer can is to more easily facilitate the mixing of alcohol and firearms during hunting season. This is just one of the many reasons we don't leave the city limits very often.

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