Saturday, November 28, 2009

Them No Right Law So Good

We were having a good old-fashioned atheistic belly laugh the other day over the fact that Texas hillbillies, in their zeal to outlaw gay marriage, accidentally made all marriages illegal - though we did at least have to concede that this would, in fact, outlaw gay marriage, so it's not like it was a total screwup or anything.

Then this morning, thanks to an eagle-eyed reader in Mazatlan, we discovered that, upon actually reading the Querétaro Penal Code, government officials there have discovered at least 150 errors, mostly grammar and misplaced words, which have the effect of making the so-called "letter of the law" somewhat difficult to follow - or, for that matter, understand. For instance, it is apparently against the law in Querétaro to carry two cellphones, meaning a man must use one phone for his wife, his other wife, and his dealer, which is just obviously crazy. (Mexican journalism being what it is, there's no attempt to explain what the law is intended to be, so maybe this isn't actually a mistake.)

Nevertheless, we're hoping that the draconian new "life begins at conception" law contains enough errors to effectively outlaw childbirth and allow foreigners to kill any noisy children loitering outside their living room windows.

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