Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Brothers and Sisters

Basketball has returned to Querétaro, and with it, our hopes for making Boston and Querétaro official sister cities!

The heartbreak that was Las Cometas has been chronicled here before. But then one day we wake up and discover Los Libertadores de Querétaro (not to be confused with lesbian icons the New York Liberty). With a 7-17 record, they're kind of the Washington Generals of Mexican basketball, but with a hell of a lot more flair. For instance, the team's athletic director lists himself on the team's roster as Arturo "EL NAZI" Sanchez, and the power forward's name is actually "Moron." The small forward’s middle name appears to be Welfare.

That last one, Number 21, [below] is one of just a couple of token gringos on the team, his full name being O'Lewis McCullough.

(Yes, this really is the official team photo of a professional basketball squad.)

What's this got to do with forging bonds between the BOS and the QRO? Well, for starters, readers in the New England area may recognize O'Lewis's half-brother.

Seems to us that, should the sister cities deal go through, anyone who has lived in both cities should be entitled to courtside season tickets to both teams. Also, five words: exhibition game at Arena Arteaga!

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ElChupacabras said...

You gotta love the names of their opponents' teams. Check out the sked and you'll see the Libertadores will face the "Lechugueros!" LECHUGUEROS! Couldn't anyone come up with a better name?