Sunday, December 20, 2009

Nice Place to Visit

Querétaro doesn't make into into the English-language press very much, at least judging by the Google Alert we set up a couple of years ago. It shows up more and more now that the local soccer team is in the big leagues: "[Insert team here] defeats Querétaro...", but for the most part it's stuff like:

U. S. Antimony of Thomson Falls, Mont., has expanded its interest in the "Los Juarez" antimony and silver deposit in Queretaro, Mexico, which are 1.8% antimony and 8.1 ounces of silver per ton. Eventually, ore from the mine will be processed at the "Los Arcos" mill and those concentrates will be smelted into metal in Coahuila.

So we were pretty surprised to see a Querétaro dateline on "8 bound, charred corpses found in Mexico." That sort of thing happens all the time in Mexico, but not in Querétaro. But sure enough, the burned out remains of a truck with eight bound, strangled, well-done corpses was found in a town called Paso de Mata - which we'd hoped meant "Killer's Pass," but it turns out mata means "shrub" - about 45 minutes from Burro Hall's corporate headquarters. We're ready to wager our Christmas bonuses that this is drug related, which means no effort will be made to actually solve the crime. An enormous effort, however, is being made to prove the crime really happened anywhere but Querétaro. "They Were Killed Elsewhere" screams the headline in today's Diario. The basis for this assertion of fact is that there are eight federal agents from Toluca listed as missing, last seen in Michoacan, and therefore these guys might be them, and...well, it's not clear to us how that means They Were Killed Elsewhere, but what do we know about police work? Case closed, thanks. Also, Governor Calzada would like to remind you that Querétaro is safe.

We can't find the link, but about a year ago there was a similar case where four dead federal cops were found in the trunk of a car here, and after it was determined that they were probably killed in Guanajuato, we never heard anything about it again.

Why gangsters and criminals are killing so many people in other states and then driving their dead bodies to Querétaro is sort of beyond us (the centro is, among other things, an absolute parking nightmare), but we think there's an opportunity here for the Tourism Board. Come for the corpse disposal, stay for the historic aqueduct.

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Anonymous said...

I also belive it happened in other place, and Queretaro has being, historically, a pass city, between roads, if you travel to the north, you pass trough Queretaro, to south too, and if you are coming or going to Mexico city too.

Mexico-Qro road is the country most transit road.